It is probably not by accident you are here at our site. 

As we have found the majority of our visitors are referred here. In any case, we’re glad you are here. We are a different type of chiropractic clinic, and as such, this site is different.  

 It is not meant to be an over bearing electronic brochure for our practice. You will not find coupons for “Free Exams”, steak knives or anything of that sort. What you will experience is a “journey” that – in the end, will have you looking at your calendar and scheduling a complimentary consultation. 

 And by the way, in our office, a consultation is simply a casual conversation where we learn a little about you, and you learn a little about us. After all, we’re not the right office for every person, so doesn’t it make sense to discover that before you begin a relationship with our practice? We think so, and hopefully – so do you.   

What is a Structural Shift?

While no one is structurally perfect, there is a normal range. In the same manner, we can understand what a fever is because we know what the normal temperature is, or knowing what constitutes high blood pressure because we are aware of the normal range. There are established normals almost everywhere we look, including the gauges and warning indicators on the dashboard of your car… letting you know when things are abnormal. 

The body uses symptoms as warning indicators of a potentially more serious condition.  A Structural Shift is just such a condition that may be the cause of your symptoms. Our office focuses on detecting and correcting these shifts so that the body can heal on its own. 

Normal Structure

Normal Structure


We believe you should have a chance to discover if Atlas Chiropractic is right for you, and we believe that you should be able to make this discovery without any pressure or gimmicks. It is this belief that has people raving about our consultation. 

Our consultation is a friendly conversation. During the first part of this conversation, you will get the opportunity to tell us about what brought you in. The second part will provide you with as much insight as we can relative to your health challenges. And finally, during the third part of the consultation, we will have an opportunity to tell you what we do and what sets us apart from the large community of chiropractors in our area. 

Our Complimentary Consultation is not a commitment.  Many chiropractors have you in their examination room before you can even say “hello.” That just doesn’t seem right to us. After all, most people don’t buy a car, and then read the brochure. It’s usually the other way around. 

The consultation usually takes more or less, about twenty minutes, after which you may choose to have an examination. There is no obligation. We just want you to know that exam blocks are always available immediately following a consultation. 

Meet Your Doctor and Staff

Dr. Lucas Phifer

Dr. Phifer has been practicing chiropractic since 2011, when he graduated from Southern California University of Health Sciences in Whittier California. Outside of his formal chiropractic education, Dr. Phifer has trained in advanced upper cervical and structural corrective techniques. He uses a protocol of analysis using proven indicators to identify the primary structural shift.  Dr. Phifer is the only doctor in the five cities area focusing solely on Structural Correction.

Dr. Phifer has two wonderful children, Lucia and Declan. He loves staying active outdoors, beach and trail running, hiking, basketball, beach volleyball and working out. You might run into him on one of the amazing hikes around the central coast or playing volleyball in Pismo. 


Jacki is our fantastic office manager. She has worked in the chiropractic field since 1989. She loves working at Atlas Chiropractic, meeting new patients and can help you with any scheduling or billing needs. Jacki feels blessed to live here on the Central Coast, leaving only to attend California State University Long Beach, receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition. Her favorite hobby is traveling, and hopes to one day become a member of the Traveler’s Century Club having visited 100 countries. She is also an avid swimmer and enjoys pickelball. 


Heidi is our massage practitioner, and has been practicing since 2013. She moved here from Dana Point to go to Cal Poly and received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology.  Some of her hobbies include running (6 marathons), playing tennis, and going to local live music. You’ve probably seen her walking her dog Smooch around town. Heidi loves working at Atlas Chiropractic and has been a member of the family here since 2007. 

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